Road Atlanta Report--AMA Pro Racing Round #3

We arrived at Road Atlanta from our respective origins of Danville Virginia and Valdosta Georgia on Wednesday. It was nice to see my "little man" again after several weeks. We checked in and shot the breeze for awhile, then played the ole switcheroo the motorcycles and equipment in the parking lot game, from one trailer to the other, as the hotel staff watched. We made our traditional trip to Wal-mart for supplies and general "aimless wondering through the aisles" routine.

Thursday we lined up in the staging area at the track and moved in at 12 noon sharp. The AMA staff was professional and helpful throughout the process, a much welcomed change from 2009. Setup was as usual and we finished early and left for the hotel and another trip to Wal-mart. Alex dined on food by the pound from the deli and I made my visit to the Sub-Way.

Friday morning the sun was shinning, the birds were singing and it was time to go to work. We struggled through the practice round, not quite sure why, but had the first qualifying session to get things sorted further. On the first lap of qualifying the lower radiator hose came loose while in a turn causing a highside which landed Alex on his head, Arai helmets are absolutely the best!. Somewhere throughout the tumbling he broke a bone in his foot and of course the bike not wanting to be outdone trashed itself with some tumbling of it's own. We were done for the day. Off to the urgent care center for some x-rays and confirmation of suspicions. Splint, crutches and back to the hotel to drop the "little man" off, then back to the track to start cleaning up the mess. Back at the hotel we took off the splint and packed the foot in ice all night long.

Saturday morning Andrew arrived from Jacksonville to help me crew. I had been at the track since 4 a.m. making sure all was right. Later that morning Alex managed to crutch over to the bike and qualify 27th, then back to the trailer and the ice. The first Daytona Sportbike race he managed a 23rd place. Back to the hotel and the ice.

Sunday started early for me again. We had a short practice session and off to the autograph session they went. We had light up pens to give the fans supplied by Buztronics and they were a huge hit! Back to the trailer and more ice until it was time for the fan walk. The race was tough and Alex  managed a 24th place which given the circumstances was a gift.

Thanks to Andrew for sticking it out with us and all the great help. Thanks to Buztronics for the pens and EBC for the Extreme Pro Pads. Triangle Cycles you guys are awesome. Michael the motors are really strong!. Arai, no doubt in our minds your helmets are the BEST!


We are proud to be representing the most "I feel like a kid in a candy store cause all their stuff is so neat" company. They make all types of promotional items for your business or organization, along with cool motorcycle, ATV and watercraft lighting. Check them out Buztronics

Daytona 200 2010

This post comes a bit late as it has been rather busy for us. Our first Daytona 200 placed us under the lights on a chilly night. For this at one time seemingly unreachable milestone in our roadracing adventures was achieved with the help of family and friends. My cousin Lucy and her husband Robert came to the rescue along with a couple of compatriots from the Danis Group, Rob and Andrew. Andrew recruited long time college buddy Jim who flew down from Ohio to help. Next thing you know we actually had a pit crew. These folks had to take time from their families, work and not to mention their wallets to help us out during this race. With little practice and lots of enthusiasm they helped make it happen.

We had the good fortune of having Mr. and Mrs. Wikle along with Paul James as garage neighbors and an occasional visit from a variety of interesting characters. When all was said and done Alex had collected an 18th place finish after starting 32nd. Not a bad showing for our first Daytona 200. Next round for us will be Road Atlanta.

WERA at VIR March 19-21 2010

We spent the last 3 days at VIR with the nice folks from WERA. The weather was terrific and although it threatened Sunday afternoon, the rain just passed us by. This was a good outing for us. I have finally figured out
how to work with the Yamaha R6 and Alex is hungry for the hunt. Every race this weekend he was grided at the back of the pack. There is no qualifying, you grid based on the date you register for the race. Since we register at the track we always end up in the back of the grid. This time however Alex spent the races riding forward position after position until the 6 lap race was over. A couple of the races were 2 wave starts with our entry at the back of the second wave. So needless to say he was on his game to race forward for one 2nd and two 4th place finishes. Last year at this event he was finishing 18th and 20th.

This morning Alex is on his way home to Georgia and back to school. AMA is at Auto Club Speedway in California this weekend. We will be back with AMA at Road Atlanta on April 16th-18th. I wonder what the Lt. is doing, so far away, so grown up now, serving like so many others, so true, so proud.....Go Army!!!

Facebook Fan Page

We have a Facebook Fan Page, "Alex Lazo Racing". We are posting most pictures and videos over there, so check it out. We are currently in Daytona for the Daytona 200 which is the motorcycle version of the Daytona 500. The weather has been awful and therefor have had little time to practice, hopefully things will improve today. The pit crew was here yesterday and we practiced tire changes a bit. Still lots of work to do......GO ARMY!!!!!!!

Welcome 502nd Military Intelligence Company, "Ravens"

Well it's official,  maybe,  if you guys will have us,  then it looks like the 502nd Military Intelligence Company will have a motorcycle race team running in AMA Pro Racing  for the 2010 season. It's not a big team, it's not a fancy team. Just a couple of guys from Virginia proud and thankful for all of you. A dad and  son, traveling in their little truck pulling their trailer with a couple of bikes inside. The bikes may have some dents and scratches.  The suspension settings may not always be correct but we race with heart and pride every step of the way. We would  like to share our times on the race circuit with all of you. Some fun, lots of confusion, plenty of hard work and a little bit of home. So if you'll take us then we'll accept. We will run "Ravens" on the sides of those bikes, stand tall and tell all, the work you do to help keep our country safe. If you have questions about the tracks, bikes, people, travels or anything you see on the blog let us know. Take a look at last years stuff and get an idea of who we are. If it's a go then the "Ravens" will fly the high banks of Daytona International Speedway in March 2010......Good hunting...Go Army!!

Here We Go Again

First of all, this holiday season I tried to keep it simple. Halloween  I was a villain, Thanksgiving  cranberry sauce from a can and a turkey leg. Christmas, however, saw me as father of the bride. There was family, food, dance and cheer for all. To see my "little mermaid", happy and protected in the arms of  her prince, a fairytale moment. These kids just keep finding ways to make us proud . Seeing my uncles after 15 years convinced me that truly good men remain so, no matter how much hair they lose. I suddenly realized, standing there, with all the old friends gathered, that my time travels have been meaningful after all. A defining moment in my life.

Next, in the wisdom of the military, The "Regulars by god"  became  part of something else, which I am still trying to figure out. Net effect,  2010 will see us filled with pride and racing hard as "Ravens". Yes the 502nd Military Intelligence Company. Judging by their company emblem/mascot they are as committed, resourceful and scary as the Little Dude and I pretend to be.

Meanwhile,  Honda and Kawasaki said no more, to the "economy", or perhaps other shenanigans and will not race AMA Pro for 2010.  The Little Dude and I played the old,  we are going to Daytona,  no we're not going to Daytona,  ok maybe we should go to Daytona this year game. So, after much consideration and preparation, here we go again, back to Daytona. We will take part and represent with the greatest pride in those that sacrifice....Go Army!!!!!!

Daytona CCS Race of Champions and AMA Supersport National Shootout

Our trip to Daytona was fruitful and in great contrast to the opening round in February of this year. We had no suspension issues that could not be corrected and learned a great deal about gearing. Finishes were 2nd, 6th, 6th in CCS/ASRA and a DNF in AMA Supersport as a result of a cold tire. I could at this time embark on an audienceless monologue questioning the wisdom of having bikes and riders sit with warmers unplugged and tires cooling on a 50degree day for 15 minutes before sending them to race, however, I will not. This is the series we race, some things are good, some not so good. We thank our friends, family, God and the guys and gals that fight to keep us free. No matter who the President is, how much the legislators lie, what numbers the bred, born and forever parasitically existing sectors of our populace reach; I am still proud to be American and of those who serve. The thought of them and God strengthens me. Finally, crosses mounted on elevated city structures will never be offensive. Those that fear them enough to want them removed should be subjected to governments whose founding principles do not include such "insults to their liberal sensitivities". Go Army, keep us strong!!!!

Pre-AMA Supersport and CCS Race of Champions

I sit here in the office writing while the kid works his way towards Daytona. We had considered calling it a year but with the encouragement of friends and inspiration of others here we go. So we take the opportunity and are grateful for the chance to work hard and represent. I wonder if Ivanov is home yet and if the Lt. misses him? I want the Partens to know I think of them and Tyler every day. I sit in admiration of a mothers character upon a son or daughters departure towards harms way. I am humbled by it all.